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Pretending To Have Interest To Make A Sale

The other day I heard a story where there was an individual who was trying to get people to invest into his business. The way he did this was kind of interesting as his strategy was that he was faking an interest in the service and offerings that other people provide as this way people thought they could potentially get a customer. Therefore, this stopped him from getting instant rejections as normally if people think you are simply pitching them about something they will just shut you down.

I have seen this one too many times and so to me it’s just a regular thing to expect when it comes to talking to anyone that has a business of some sort. The funny thing is I usually expect to hear a pitch anyways and I usually find it interesting to learn how others pitch as well. If I know that they were faking an interest just to talk about their business though it usually leaves me with a negative impression that makes me wonder what else they are being untruthful about where they just want something from you.

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