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Preparing For The One Sided Commitment

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Interesting scenario today as I was talking to a person who cancelled all of his regular work schedule to take on a different opportunity where he thought he would get paid more. While generally he would it turned out the organization needed to reschedule everything which meant he basically took time off for nothing and lost money in the process. There was no kind of agreement either for him to be compensated if such a thing happened.

I find this can be rather common. Especially in situations where people genuinely want to be a part of a certain opportunity. Usually what many people would do is have a minimum agreement where if they want one’s exclusivity then at minimum the person needs to receive X amount per day to book those days off. But imagine this stipulation is like a part time employee where the company told them that they have a week’s worth of work just to cancel it after they have committed to it. Not much one can do there.

At times like that I think that’s even more reason to have some kind of side business to do in order to generate an income for yourself. Being 100% dependent on others is kind of risky even though we are constantly taught that a job is the safest way to go in life. It’s probably best to try and take the good out of everything because like here ultimately a businesses will look out in its own best interest and so you should too.

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