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Preparing For Normal Seasonal Shutdowns And Restrictions

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With things like vaccine roll-outs taking place a lot of areas are going back to normal this summer such as increasing people capacity in businesses and removing mask restrictions. However, reading stories from other parts of the world such as Australia makes it sound like this will be a seasonal benefit of sort. Apparently over there it’ around the Winter time now and COVID cases are going up. As a result, they have implemented lock down measures again.

This actually happened last year as well where in the summer time it seemed like a lot of places were rejoicing on how cases were down and in the Winter time it was up. Almost sounds like other types of viruses which have spikes during the cold Winter times. With that thought, would you be prepared for seasonal lock downs of sort work wise?

I would hope that won’t be the case in the long run, but at this point if it ever happens I feel like I am still prepared to work anywhere. If anything it would be more of a case of making sure you get as much done as possible now for things such as outdoor events.

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