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Preparing For Forced Upgrades

So the cell phone service is suppose to be upgrading here soon and as a result of this change many of the current phones out there will be rendered useless. Basically, that means you have to buy a different cell phone if you plan on using the service. While I am expecting some kind of rebate to help offset the costs of switching over, the thing for myself is that I don’t usually have something like an emergency funds account as I simply save as much as possible in general.

So to prevent myself from just spending widely in a carefree justified purchase kind of way I am actually trying to research and prepare for it right now. Some people would ask how can I do that when there is no information about the type of phones that are going to be available and the costs for them? Basically, at times like these it is good to explore all of your options including trying a new service provider as well I’d say.

In my mind a big reason why I normally stay with a provider in general is to avoid the hassle of switching everything over. But if like in these cases it’s kind of like starting over then it only makes sense to make sure that you are getting the best deal as possible in every category.

Another way I am doing my research is by reading reviews and opinions from people in areas that already have this new system in place. Basically, finding out which phones seem to be the best, the type of services that make life a lot easier, etc. In my opinion, this is a lot better than going in blindly into a store and relying on a salesperson to tell you everything that you think you need to know to make the upgrade.

This also helps to prevent that scenario where people complain their budgets are all screwed up now too because of a sudden unexpected purchase. My as well try to do as much research on your own way before the actual day where you are forced to take action.

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