Potentially Spending All Your Time For Nothing Aurora Borealis Example
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Potentially Spending All Your Time For Nothing Aurora Borealis Example

There was a lot of news here where people in the area may be able to see the Aurora borealis which many have only seen through pictures. They look spectacular so who wouldn’t want to see it live right? Everything was just educated guesses though where with that tons of people drove to various locations and waited for hours to get a glimpse of the northern lights.

Unfortunately, it didn’t pan out as people started to guess that it would arrive maybe in the next da instead. But still, no one knows how visible it maybe in the area. It kind of reminds you where it’s like starting some kind of venture in the sense of you could be putting in all your effort for no return. But would you do it anyways as the reward would be great should it succeed?

In this case the investment is time. I would imagine for most it would be different where if people had to invest $1000 to take a trip for the potential chance to see it then most likely they would think twice. It does make me think too because for a lot of business ideas that people have all it does require is some time investment. But funny enough I would often see in these direct comparison examples one would be willing to sit for say 8 hours and potentially see nothing here but when it comes to risking time investment in some kind of project that may or may not succeed they would immediately say no.

Makes you wonder why in that case huh? Especially where in one example it could be life changing for one’s lifestyle and career.

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