Point Programs That Are Worth So Little
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Point Programs That Are Worth So Little

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A person was telling me about this compensation for doing surveys type program where for every survey you did you got points. Like a rewards program, you can then redeem them for prizes. I was looking at how he got so little points for doing these massive long surveys that took like 20+ minutes each to do it seemed. Imagine only getting one point for that where a basic prize like a $10 gift card was 1000 points.

Thinking about it, if the whole notion was to make money then it would be better to just get a minimum wage job when you think about it from a time to dollar trade off. When it comes to free reward points I usually jut treat it as a nice to have option. Usually even for most online programs like these it’s not so much what you do personally that racks up the points fast, but rather they have incentives when it comes to referring people.

That is a tid bit of advice too for any of those get free prizes and money offers that you see online. If you see someone mentioning how they got so many things for free, do check out if they got it mostly from referral bonuses. That will save you time from doing say hour long surveys just to leave it dormant after and not get anything for your efforts. Unless you are willing to do what the other guy did too that is such as actively trying to refer others.

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