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Playing The Stereotypes To Gain Confidence

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Wasn’t this controversial. I’m pretty sure in most countries when it comes to hiring people it is usually against the law to hire people based only on things like race and age as it usually opens discrimination issues. With that in mind I was reading about a strategy that a business used to win customers. Essentially, when it came to advertising the staff it played on every stereotype in an effort to try and portray that they know what they are doing versus others.

For example, although it had a fairly diverse staff when it came to things like advertising who is in charge of say tech services they purposely wanted to use say Asians as people have a perception that they all must know tech. And the funny scenario in this case was although the person did work in the company they were in no way in charge of the department. Everyone was okay with it though it seems as they knew for the majority of people that would give them confidence to do more business with the company.

The sad thing is that it is true to a certain extent from my experience. I remember way back when I worked at a retail store there was a person who was looking for a software product and he was helped by an associate who got them what they needed. However, because of the person’s race they didn’t really have confidence that they knew what they were talking about. So then they came up to me I really didn’t offer anything different in terms of information or a solution. However, they openly admitted after that they felt more relaxed now as they only trust the Asians when it comes to tech stuff.

Is it wrong for a business to play on those stereotypes then if that is what people are looking for or need to be confident in doing business with you? It almost reminds me of how some investors say they hate having to educate people as it costs too much money so they would rather only do things they know that works.

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