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Placement Experimentation To Achieve Different Results

Just recently I noticed that I generated some sales through an online campaign that I was testing out which kind of came as a surprise. It wasn’t a bad commission either considering the effort was minimal. The funny thing was immediately what ran across my mind was that I would try displaying different products to see how those would perform or whether or not the offerings were positioned properly to get the maximum results.

I usually find that it is very important for you to not be afraid in trying different ways on how to display the product/service you are trying sell as it could have a profound impact. Let’s use a traditional store for example. At first it seems like you have good foot traffic except sales seem to be only okay. Now the first reaction from a lot of people would be that they just need more traffic and so they go on a rampage trying to attract more people which should mean more sales.

Instead, the mentality I learned before was that many times people won’t buy it because they don’t even know that it exists. Hence, that means if you change things around aesthetically a bit that can actually create a big difference.

You can take this mindset even when it comes to online ventures too. Example, instead of saying that you are getting no results because of say the lack of traffic, changing the position of say ads or the order that products that are showcased can make a huge difference.

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