Piggy Backing off Another Event For Exposure

Piggy Backing off Another Event For Exposure

This was interesting to think about where it wasn’t related specifically to a business but rather an organization that appeared to take advantage of a scenario to raise their own profile. By the sounds of it, there was a rally of sort for a subject matter and normally for their own events they would get very little participation. However, a big group then held an event that is similar to the things they would do which had an enormous amount of participants.

From what a I gather it was an open public event. So what appeared to have happened is that the smaller organization attended and began to take pictures of themselves among the crowd. You can’t really tell it’s not their event by just looking at the pictures. All you see is when they use their pictures as marketing material they seem like an organization that has a lot of reach and can organize large events. Again, you can’t really tell that it is more because of something else.

I guess it is no different than an average individual taking pictures of themselves such as driving an expensive car or living in luxury real estate when in reality they just rented them. A lot of fake gurus as an example do that successfully in creating a multi million-dollar business. Anything to get ahead I suppose for a lot of people huh? It just means you need to be even savvier in doing your research.

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