Personal Responses

Personal Responses

Just the other day I e-mailed a person about a course that he was offering as it sounded interesting to me. I did read his ad which got me curious in wanting to learn more such as the price and how everything works. Many times I do this too as usually the way that they respond to you will tell you a lot such as if they value your business by being attentive to your questions.

In this case it was so strange as the response was mostly just replying with the cost of the course and then re-writing exactly what was said in the sales ad. To me that just showed that they didn’t really care too much if I became a customer or not as maybe they get too many requests. Therefore, I thought that would be the same attitude if I actually did try the course and so I decided to not inquire about it any further.

I was just thinking too that in situations like these a personalized response can go such a long way in acquiring customers. Even if you are copying your response off of a pre-written literature, adjusting it to make it seem like you are actually talking to the person as opposed to say simply throwing them a brochure does a lot to instill confidence in what you offer.

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