Personal Life Factor In Making A Business Prosperous

Personal Life Factor In Making A Business Prosperous

This was kind of interesting. There was a business owner who pretty much didn’t let anything stand in his way to make a profit. He always viewed his competitors as people who he shouldn’t take lightly as in his mind if they had a choice they would have no problems putting him into bankruptcy to take all the profits themselves. He wasn’t afraid to show it too and he would often gloat about outsmarting people.
Then one day for a particular competitor he saw a site where the owner talked about how he started the business to take care of his family and all with one of those made for tv stories. Afterwards, he then said because of that and knowing how hard the person has worked to feed his family he couldn’t imagine trying to put that competitor out of business.

What this immediately made me think of is how simple it was to get the person to not think about things purely from a business point of view even if it meant hurting his own pocket. The other is how everyone can easily do that where you share a little bit of a background story on how the company was founded where odds are people will relate in such a way like this where it will work to your advantage. I’m sure most people can tell if it is a phony story too. But that personal touch sure can go a long way when people start seeing the human side to a company.

Kind of reminds me of that recent celebrity apprentice season where everyone was rooting for Bret because of the personal events in his life.

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