Persistence In Fixing Old Items To Save Money
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Persistence In Fixing Old Items To Save Money

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Today I spent about 8 hours fixing a computer that a family member seemed to have given up on to the point that they were thinking of just buying a new one. It was only for really basic tasks like browsing the web and sure enough it would cost about $400+ to do so.

I guess the thing that kind of made me want to help them to fix it too is that I personally think it is a waste to just throw an item like this away when you don’t know exactly what is wrong with it. Cause you never know, it could be something really simply. If I knew for certain that a particular part was broken which could mean having to spend so much money jut to replace it, then of course those are the types of situations where simply buying a new one can make more sense.

After spending a few hours on it and doing various troubleshooting processes to narrow down the issue, funny enough all it came down to was that the power supply seemed to be faulty as it has run its age. Therefore, simply swapping that fixed everything. I just happened to have a spare one, but what this made me think of is how they were able to save hundreds of dollars from buying a new system with a little persistence.

Even for items that I am personally not too knowledgeable in I always try to find out specifically what is wrong with a product before contemplating about throwing out a lot of money to replace it with a new one. Makes sense too as it helps you to make a better decision and maybe it will even give you the knowledge on how you can potentially avoid having to encounter the situation in the future.

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