Percentage or Dollars Off

Percentage or Dollars Off

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I was looking at some sale prices for various products recently and of course this meant comparing what various companies were charging for them. One point I noticed was that for one business they displayed all of its sale prices by emphasizing how many dollars you were saving on the item. Example, saying a product is $10 off from the original price. The other company used percentages instead such as indicating the product is 30% less than normal.

I personally think percentage is usually the way to go as I think most people usually judge the value of the sale in their head by seeing how much they saved percentage wise. For example, if I saw a sale where it was $5 off a $10 product I would immediately think how that is 50% off which sounds like something to seriously consider.

We often associate with numbers in the range of say 50%+ off as a clearance price of sort too where it’s one of those if you don’t buy it now it will be gone forever. That’s another advantage to listing items as a percentage off instead. The over exaggerated example too would be a $1 candy item where you can save seventy five cents. Put a sign saying 75% off that candy instead and it will surely draw way more attention as seventy five cents doesn’t sound like a lot on its own.

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