People Who Risk Getting Sued Over A Contract Bill

People Who Risk Getting Sued Over A Contract Bill

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This was a head scratcher when I heard this as I didn’t really see a positive logic for this. A person I know currently has a membership to a gym that he rarely ever uses. On top of that, in the beginning he signed some sort of contract where the membership was a multi-year subscription deal. So every month until then, he has to pay this monthly membership fee regardless if he uses it or not.

One of the advice that he was given was to simply stop paying the bill despite the fact that he has an agreement to do so. The person basically said who cares as he should just let the company try to sue him if they want to get the payments from him. I’m not a lawyer, but I can imagine something like that affecting the person in so many negative ways such as having a black mark on the person’s credit history.

Either I’m missing something in terms of a loophole that the person would be trying to take advantage of or that is just one of the strangest advice I have ever heard. In my opinion, you shouldn’t try to run away from your obligations and risk making the situation worse.

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