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People Who Enjoy The Notion of Working Overtime

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Yesterday I was talking to a group of people who were working on a film and they started working from about 7am with an anticipation that it could last the whole evening as well. While they mentioned that they were dead tired and could barely stay awake, the thought of how much they would be paid due to all the overtime was a motivating factor for them to not complain and besides that they don’t mind.

I know most people who hear that would wonder how anyone could fathom the idea of working say 12 hour days for a long period without being apprehensive over it even if they are making more money. When you are truly doing something you enjoy you tend to not keep track of the time per say but rather achieving a goal.

This is one of those things too where when you do something you truly enjoy the money seems to come naturally in one way or another too. Whenever I have to put in long hours into some kind of task I personally don’t see it as having to work longer but rather working more now so that I don’t have to work as much afterwards. Different way of thinking I guess.

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  • Its so true that when you are truly doing something you enjoy you tend to not keep track of the time. There are people who just do their job 9-5, and others who feel this is their career, and need to be on the ball at all time. This all depends on the individual and how successful he or she wants to be. I really enjoyed another blog entry related to this on Ronn Torossian’s blog! where this CEO of 5WPR mentioned his past experience working as a teenager. His boss would tell him if “you don’t want to come to work tomorrow, great. Don’t come the next day or for the next few weeks either.” It’s a typical thing for a boss to say, but gives you a pretty clear picture to make of your life and work ethic.

    Gene M. 6/24/2008 3:19 pm

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