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People Stealing Copyright Work Unknown In Different Countries

This was an interesting encounter as recently I saw a music composer from India try and claim he created this music piece which sounded so similar to another composer’s work based in Europe. They even tried to claim copyright on it on various platforms such as YouTube where hundreds of videos were being flagged. These weren’t small people and companies too as they seemed pretty large based on numbers.

It just got me to think how often this probably happens where people in different parts of the world steal work and ideas from places that no regular person would ordinarily pay attention to. Or it can be people who only cater to a group that speak a specific language that would have no idea if the person stole it from someone else that caters to a different language.

I guess that’s why there are copyright laws as an example. But it’s amazing to see that large companies actually do these kinds of things believing no one will notice.

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