People Staying Because of Money

People Staying Because of Money

I heard some interesting stories the other day about various people who despise their jobs and would constantly say they are going to quit. Ultimately they don’t though and when asked why they mention that the money is okay. The interesting thing is that their negativity continued to spread apparently such as them telling new employees how crappy the company was.

If you had an employee like that where technically they did everything well at their job but behind the scenes they were acting as a cancer of sort in terms of morale would you keep them around? Most people would probably say no but at the same time would probably keep them too. I know in a business environment it can be tricky too as technically if the person isn’t doing anything wrong in the actual job then it can open a whole can of worms if you let the go.

It’s almost like the reverse problem where people normally say every company is greedy and just wants money from people but at the same time this can definitely be true when it comes to the other way around. I think either way if anyone is doing anything 100% just for money then it usually won’t work out very well in terms of quality and giving one’s best efforts.

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