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People Smart Enough To See Through Fake Google Reviews

Today I decided to do some research on a company where the first thing I found was their social media sites such as Facebook and Google. The business sections actually have written reviews from users where they can rate and comment on a company. A lot like a Yelp I guess you could say. That’s where I noticed something funny as while there were a ton of positive reviews, it was actually the negative ones that stood out to me.

The key thing was how all the negative ones had a consistent theme to it such as the company providing poor quality service or being in a sense mistreated by one of the owners. The positive ones seemed to be really generic saying that had great service. That also generated some comments from people too on how a lot of positive reviews are actually fake as the business owner is simply creating accounts to rate themselves perfect in order to counter the negative reviews.

That made me think as I was reading an article how people are apparently smart and savvy nowadays where they can easily spot a fake review to the point where stuffing yourself with fake positive reviews is counterproductive. That almost made me wonder how true that is. Sites like Amazon are still flooded with fake product reviews as people will just naturally trust a product that has apparent high ratings. At the same time, I guess people like myself do recognize that which is why I do tend to read the harshest comments from people and see if there is any consistency.

In this case too with the business example those negative reviews turned out to be true once I did the deep dive research. Do you think you can spot companies easily that are using fake reviews at this day and age?

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