People Risking It All For Law Changes
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People Risking It All For Law Changes

Well it seems like thing are getting hairy in the country. Specially in Ottawa, it sounds like police have been arresting some protesters from the Freedom Convoy movement. The interesting thing was how a lot of them were being threatened financially and professionally where if they didn’t leave as an example then they could have licenses revoked. However, a lot of people have said regardless they will stay protesting. Some of these people have successful business as well.

Would you ever think of doing this when it comes to fighting a cause that you truly believe in? This can range from say a law that you think is discriminating or maybe it’s a subject matter such as the environment. Usually in these cases people would simply throw money at a cause which kind of keeps them semi away from the action versus actually being there and potentially facing arrest as well.

Watching the events unfold too reminds me how a person asked before on why certain places like China its citizens don’t say or do anything if they really disagree with the laws. I think this would be a great example as you pretty much have to be willing to lose it all and it just makes more sense for many to keep doing what they are doing instead.

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