People Reselling Samsung S23 Coupons For Money

People Reselling Samsung S23 Coupons For Money

People Reselling Samsung Coupons For Money

There is going to be an unveiling of the new Samsung S23 phones tomorrow and Samsung usually offers people who sign up to be alerted of the launch a $100 off voucher if one decides to pre-order one of the announced products during its presentation. Not a bad discount for those who are looking to buy the phone on day one I suppose. But what was interesting to me was how apparently there are a lot of people trying to resell these $100 vouchers for say $5 to make some profit.

It’s kind of crazy as some people were saying they had like thirty coupons to sell which would imply they registered each time with a different account. It makes you wonder, in cases like these would you consider that as just someone being smart in trying to make a few dollars or would you consider wrong? I have often seen people resell free items that they get from attending events. But free coupons like these is kind of odd.

Then again, there are a lot of companies who make a business in selling people coupon books. Obviously in those cases they establish an agreement with the vendors. But with that thought, is it any different in this case? Imagine standing outside a McDonald’s restaurant and selling people free coupons you got which would technically save them money from purchasing the meal at full price. Would one think of doing that for offers such as when you download an app you would get something for free deals?

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