People Being Afraid of Having Their Accounts Frozen
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People Being Afraid of Having Their Accounts Frozen

As evident in the news, a lot of people who donated to a protest called the freedom convoy movement have been having their bank accounts frozen due to an emergency act that was placed recently. Essentially, the government can freeze accounts they deem to be suspicious in connections with the protests as if they were terrorists. From the stories I read, some people who donated say under $20 even before emergencies were places have also been affected.

That generated so much topic on how people are now scrambling to find alternative methods to store their money such as cryptocurrencies or even to go as far as saying they will put all their money under their bed as they can’t trust any bank now. Some people actually do that in communist countries even to this day.

You pretty much have to invest in something such as gold as an alternative form of a savings account per se. But it’s not exactly a practical thing for most people. Imagine going to the grocery store in modern day life trying to pay with specs of gold. It’s not something most of us think about.

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