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People Asking You What To Charge With No Limit

What a weird situation this was. I have a family member from a different country who runs a fairly large company and as a result he is looking to expand into North America. I was then told that he wanted help in establishing the business and requested for my service. The funny thing was I was told to literally tell him how much money I wanted to do the work as the money wasn’t very important.

Such an odd scenario to be in as you definitely don’t want to overcharge and at the same time you want to do as much as you can within reason. As well, usually when people tell you how much you want to spend you at least have that base to work with on what type of work would be way too much for them. Although, another option I was offering was to be a partner of sort where I can share the profits of the business. Seems like the more fair way to do it in these cases unless you personally don’t know the person outside of a business relationship.

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