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Peer Pressure To Not Save Money

Well this was new to me I must say. Just recently I was talking to a person who mentioned that a big reason that he can’t seem to save a lot of money is that the he constantly gets ridiculed whenever he does things in an effort to save money. For example, buying the less expensive products would get him labeled as a cheap person or having too much money in a savings account means you are not living life.

I was just thinking can a full grown adult really be pressured to make financial decisions like that? I know in say school one is probably more susceptible to peer pressure and trying to impress others too much as you are still naïve at that age. Long-term thinking should be a basic skill set as an adult though.

But either way, I suppose this is an important thing to think about if you do have this issue. For example, even for myself many times when I go out I usually don’t order stuff like say a cup of coffee (Though I don’t drink coffee just for reference) just because everyone else in the group is. There have been people in the past that would constantly pressure me into spending money in these ways to “fit in”, but for me if people insist in continually pressuring me in that fashion then I just slowly stop associating with them.

At the end of the day, the choices you make are why you are where you are and in these cases I would rather hang around people who are financially responsible and respect other people’s choices. The way I think about it too, your idea of “living life” shouldn’t necessarily be the same as everyone else. Example, when it comes to money I have way more fun coming up with ideas and executing them with others to generate even more. There is a lot of challenge and social aspect to it that I find fun. At the same time, someone else’s idea of fun may be to spend their entire two weeks pay check in one day drinking beer and eating nuts in a rowdy environment.

If you are going to peer pressure yourself into anything it should be to just find people that will help you to enhance your way of life.

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