PC Points Offer That Is Worst Than A Sale Price

PC Points Offer That Is Worst Than A Sale Price

Many times when I look at my personal offers from the PC Points app there can be some good deals that may sway me to buy an item even if I wasn’t considering before. Recently, I got this offer where you could buy its company branded juice for about $2.89 which wasn’t bad as I see it listed for over $4.50 usually. It isn’t cheaper than a lot of the other juices but this one is labelled as 100% juice which should make I more expensive.

But before making a purchase, as usual I tend to visit a few stores before making a commitment to buy certain items. That was the surprise where when I walked into one of its other owned stores you could see that they had the exact same juice on sale for $2.79. So it was actually cheaper to just buy it as a regular consumer versus this exclusive PC points offer that I got.

Oddly enough, I did end up buying it to try it out at the store sale price. So maybe that was actually a clever psychological way to make a sale? Kind of shows like with any sales or offers you usually should still research if it is truly the best price currently.

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