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Looks like I got another Google Adsense payment and this time it is for $106.57 as you can see here:

I was doing some statistics observing of another program I was trying out too here and it seems like I already have a check on the way for that which should be coming soon. You all may remember too that I gave my two large advertising spots to Forbes as part of the network program and may be wondering why I am still getting Google Adsense payments.

In a nutshell, basically the way it works is that the Forbes ads get priority and if the price that an advertiser is offering is below a certain price point, based on what I set from my experience with other programs, it will get defaulted to an ad setting of my choice. In this case, I decided to use Adsense still.

Too bad I can’t reveal more details, but it is interesting seeing all of the advertisers in the program so far and this is actually the first time I have seen where the advertiser’s total budget dollars is made apparent (Some of them are pretty high too). In most types of publisher programs like these all you get to see is how much they are willing to pay in terms of a rate card, so to speak.

Even though I am still doing this on an extremely casual basis, I can kind of feel a momentum going. At the same time, I think I generated enough funds so far to try and do something with it. Maybe I’ll think of some simple things to buy and sell on places like Ebay since one of the goal is try do as many things as possible. Results so far:

Stock Investment: $800
Web Publishing: $444.57
Million Dollar Term: $100

Total: $1344.57

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