Paying So Much For A Big Gift Card Money Bonus
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Paying So Much For A Big Gift Card Money Bonus

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The other day I was reading about a promotion that some malls were having where if you purchase a specific amount of money in gift cards you can then get free credit as a result. For example, buy a ten dollar gift card and get five dollars for free. It’s one of the best types of deals you can get as it is essentially free cash. But what if the amount is too big?

In this case the company had a special where if you buy a gift card worth one thousand dollars you would then be given one hundred dollars for free. It makes sense in so many ways as you can pretty much spend it in any store without an expiry date. Especially if you planned to buy something expensive like a new phone. But to spend one thousand dollars in one day is just too much to swallow for most people it seems. Even if they do have enough money and know that they spend way more than that in a year at the business.

Would you tend to skip out on deals like these as well if you didn’t intend to spend it on one big purchase right away? I can’t think of many ways you can even earn that much in interest on one thousand dollars that quickly as well. It just seems like the wise thing to do if you can afford to do so despite the amount being a lot of money.

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