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Paying People Who Would Do It For Free

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A lot of my social media feeds are still talking about Trump getting elected as the US president where at this point it feels like this whole thing is becoming like a reality TV show of some sort. But one thing that caught my attention is how he was recently interviewed where apparently he has mentioned that he will work as the president for one dollar and not the traditional four hundred thousand dollars a year. This got me to think of all the times in life that I have met people on jobs who always say that they love it so much that they would do it for free.

While everyone’s experience is different I personally found that everyone with that mentality often ended up being the hardest workers in many ways. While that doesn’t mean a company shouldn’t pay them for the sake of fairness it makes me wonder if you could ever evaluate that factor in a traditional hiring process without turning it into a negative where an organization uses that information to treat someone unfairly. Just from my experience you often want to pay people like that more as it can often create better loyalty. So you shouldn’t take that as a sign of getting cheaper labor.

It’s kind of a trick question when you get asked like how much do you expect to be paid in these instances too. Like for me if I am passionate about something I genuinely don’t really care as it is more about the opportunity. The real honest answer kind of throws it back to the person hiring where it’s just about being treated fairly.

Of course there are times where this wouldn’t work such as a person simply being a super fan or something while not having the technical knowledge to do a task. Funny enough I remember a time where I wanted to work with this video game company simply as an event helper and I went in the interview super knowledgeable and excited. In my mind I was willing to do it for free. However, the interviewer took that as a negative where she kind of deemed me as a “kid” in many ways because of that. I actually looked at who was hired afterwards and for the most part it was a more typical people who didn’t care much about the product but looked the part I guess you can say.

Years later I actually did end up working for that same company through a different organization as life just happened to make us meet again. I didn’t have to go through the traditional corporate interview way though. As it turned out I ended up being like one of their top guys due to my genuine knowledge and passion. Makes you wonder on how many times through a traditional interview process where you could be rejecting those passionate people because the current interview process just isn’t designed to evaluate these kinds of factors that can be just as important as like say one’s school grades.

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