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Paying More To Store Or Simply Deleting

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I was thinking today as my hardrive is getting filled up it seems with a lot of previous work that I don’t really need anymore. As well, I have a lot of footage that aren’t necessary. The first thing I was thinking was that I didn’t really want to just delete it as what if some time down the road it may become useful? This then lead me to look at options such as storing the data on an external hardrive which could cost upwards to about $100.

I was thinking how too that this is probably how people start a hoarding habit for tangible items where people keep things because they can’t bear to get rid of it. That alone made me think more if it was better to just delete it. In the end, for a lot of those files I have already made a master version, so to speak, and I can’t see myself needing the old files again. Therefore, I figured it’s better to just save the $100. My only exception were things like are treasured memories such as family videos and such. There just has to be a limit to how much you can save otherwise it will end up costing you I say as you will want to save everything.

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