Paying More To Look Big As A Business
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Paying More To Look Big As A Business

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This was kind of silly I thought. Basically, there was a person debating about which bank he should use for his business. As many of you know, a ton of banks usually charge ridiculous fees for business banking even though the service in many cases are no different than what a regular consumer would do. I was then hearing an actual pitch from a service rep that a person should use the more expensive account fee plans as so many other big businesses do as well.

Surprisingly, without thinking too much the person kind of agreed and said something along the lines of he has to spend like big businesses too if he wants to be where they are at one day and so he did. Like they say, everyone has to start somewhere. I bet a lot of big businesses started out like in their basement using personal banking accounts for example. If anything, you have to learn how to scrounge every penny in the beginning I say as most people don’t have the luxury to use big fee plans.

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