Paying For Errors
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Paying For Errors

Today I was at a restaurant and one of the orders wasn’t correct. The lady that brought it over kind of had that “Uh oh, what am I going to do now” look as she wrote down the wrong order. We were just going to take it as we didn’t want to create any fuss, but she decided to take it back. Kind of makes me think on the different times where I still paid/accepted things that had some kind of known mistake which the person was upfront about.

In a lot of the cases, I think it comes down to the genuineness of the mistake. I’ve seen some different examples such as a person being helped at a store by a very helpful employee who happened to sell them the wrong item. Instead of returning it, they just keep it and try to find a use for it. Of course if it is something extremely important then it only makes sense to not accept it. I guess everyone has their own tolerance level for things like this.


  • joewatch 10/14/2007

    One thing I’m never sure about is when they get my steak order wrong at the restaurant. I always order it medium rare, but sometimes it comes well done. Now, I know from cooking steak, that it’s often hard to get it right, and in a busy kitchen, you are even more likely to make mistakes. If I’m at a business function, I usually stay quiet and just eat the overcooked steak.

  • PASCAL MULINDWA 10/17/2007

    I too have already got such emails.

    They only want to get your credit card details, then stop communicating with.

    We should be careful in every matter demanding an online payment.

    Pascal Mulindwa

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