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Paying For A Story Versus Practical Advice

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For some reason I got spammed with a bunch of e-mails today that consisted of people trying to sell their e-books to me. Most of them had headlines such as “How I made $10,000 a month working from home” or “How I turned $1 into $1,000,000”. I was thinking about it more and for the most part I think for these types of literatures you are paying to read about a person’s story. However, I think the mindset for most is that they are purchasing say an instructional video of sort that would guide you on what to do with the hope that you can duplicate that kind of success.

I usually find these types of literature to be a little on the fictional side simply because I would think for the most part the goal is to try to get people to buy your product and so you need to sensationalize your story a bit to attract people. For example, a person writing about how he made $10,000 a month at home selling rocks wouldn’t mention things like how he had a large network from a previous venture or how they leveraged publicity from a friend who is already in the field if it applied.

Therefore, I think these types of things are usually for inspiration mostly and so if I ever do purchase things like these it is more for the story in terms of opening your mind as opposed to a guideline of sort. I guess this is one reason why I don’t fall into the trap of buying those get rich quick books. I usually find that if you want to purchase practical advice of sort the best way is to find someone who will allow you to see hands on what he/she does in the day.

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