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Paying For A Robotic Girlfriend

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In some more bizarre news, I just read this article about some robot that is going to target lonely men in the world. Created by Sega toys in Japan, the “EMA”, Eternal Maiden Actualization, is some kind of small robotic toy that will retail for about $175 and will basically act like one’s girlfriend of sort. For example, it can kiss on demand as well as sing and hand out business cards. Here is a video about it:

Is this for real? I was really interested in the analysis on this as the report kind of implied that the makers believed there is a demand for something like this and would target men over 20. This is one of those things where I just have to sit there and wonder why if you were really in that state of mind that you just don’t go out into the real world and find a mate.

Now watch me get all these e-mails from supporters on how this will save people money from having to pay for say dating sites or is a better value than spending money on like going to the movies. 😛

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