Paying Fines As A Business Marketing Expense

Paying Fines As A Business Marketing Expense

People often say that if you want a lot of attention really quickly then you simply need to do things that are controversial. That is often why you see many people doing questionable things for attention. It was interesting seeing a person try and do this from a business point of view where he would do things that are actually illegal. Whenever he got caught in doing so he would pay a fine. However, it seemed like to him paying those fines was just a business expense of sort as you can’t pay for that kind of attention I guess you could say.

What was silly professionally is that after he pays the fine he tells people how he is sorry such as it was a dumb thing to do and then asks for forgiveness of sort. However, he actually just keeps doing it again and again to the point where you know he is just doing it on purpose and gaming the system I guess you can say. Sure, people get upset at him and he pays a fine but the return for him is clearly too good not to stop.

To me personally that seems like a crazy way to do business. You can’t exactly erase your history. Especially in this case where one keeps doing it over and over. It would personally make me weary in working with the person since it feels like they would have no issue in breaking promises and guidelines as long as they feel they will end up on top.

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