Paying Extra For Pre-Packaged Meals
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Paying Extra For Pre-Packaged Meals

There seems to be a lot more companies that specialize in offering people the option of going into the store and purchasing fresh meat or grocery items that have been all prepared for you to simply take home and cook yourself. Essentially, this is suppose to cater to busy people who at the same time do not want to dine out to prepare healthier meals themselves.

I was looking at the prices too and in many ways the price of the food was almost in line to going to a restaurant except in this case you would be cooking it yourself. Kind of reminds me of buying say pre-packages items or meal courses from the supermarket where you pay a premium price as a result of someone doing the preparation for you. Not only that, but considering you usually have to pay taxes too it makes it even more expensive.

I guess in that sense in is kind of counterproductive as if you are one of those people who thinks that time is money in many ways you are probably ending up at the same result. Although, I would be inclined to say that just taking the time and doing it yourself will save more money in the long run.

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