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Pay To Play Opportunities

For a lot of people they want fame or fortune through the easiest way possible. Unfortunately, this mindset usually results in the person losing thousands of dollars as they are willing to fork over a lot of money into something that promises to be so easy for them to be successful in.

I was just reading one example of a mom that really wanted to get her kids into the film business and this person who claimed to be a film agent held this huge seminar with a group of like-minded people. Basically, the person told every parent in the room that their child would be able to easily make it big into the industry and the only thing they had to do was to pay them about $5,000 for things such as photos and training. Wouldn’t you know it, they went through with it as they assumed that they would be bring in so much money and then afterwards complained that nothing really came out of it.

More common examples would be all those advertisements about being able to work at home and being able to earn six figures a month and all you have to do is say purchase a kit that apparently certifies you or gives you some kind of list with instructions on what to do. Most often, the information is simply instructions for you to post the exact same opportunity message elsewhere and to continue the cycle.

Of course this does not mean that every opportunity out there that requires you to pay money is a fraud so to speak. The best example are franchises as obviously in most cases you are basically paying for the support and brand identity in starting a business within an established organization. The general rule of thumb on when you should never have to pay any money is if there is an advertisement about this lucrative home based job. You should never have to pay money for the privilege of working at a job for someone. Another common factor is that if you are confronted with someone who is trying to hard-sell you on something that chances are there is a big catch to it.

When it comes to an online environment, from my experience all of the reputable money making opportunities are free to join with the cost coming from your own operation expenses such as say getting a domain or web hosting service should you decide to go with that route. I think for most if you ever have to pay money for an opportunity that you should be able to receive an exact breakdown on what exactly you are paying for and it will greatly aid you in making a good decision. For example, with the film example above I was reading how $1100 of that fee was in photography services for the child, which is a pretty absurd price I must say, and that you were not allowed to use someone else for taking the child’s photo. I’m sure if more people asked at first that it would make them think twice.

I hear stories all the time of people coming into the country with only say $10 and then managing to become extremely successful. That goes to show you that when it comes to an opportunity that the real cost is more about hard work and perseverance and paying an X amount of money into something is not a substitute for that.

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