Patience With Inconvenience
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Patience With Inconvenience

Something interesting happened today as the water heater apparently stopped working and so there was no hot water available through the water lines. Of course, everything was checked to see what the problem was and if anything it would be a days worth of inconvenience. There were still other means to getting warm and hot water anyways so it wasn’t exactly the end of the world.

What was interesting though was that there were thoughts such as simply replacing the whole unit or specific parts to fix the problem right away even though it only needs a little maintenance. That alone would cost hundreds of dollars and it made me think of how many times people do that where instead of having the patience for the cheaper and just as sensible routes we opt for the expensive must have now routes.

Though fortunately in this situation it did seem silly. For example, just because the tap doesn’t bring out hot water doesn’t mean you can’t say boil or heat up the water through other means. I’d think too at how much inconvenience that bill would be at the end of the month as a result of not having a little patience.

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