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Patience With Digital Transmissions To Save Money

So the other day I had to give someone a whole load of files and so I thought it would be better to put it on a disc and to provide it to him. Thinking about it, I could have uploaded it onto a server and then have the person download it. Granted that it may take awhile for both sides since there are a ton of files, but it would be a money saver.

Realistically time wise it can be the same too where you first have to burn the item and then physically bring it to them. Or when it comes to uploading or downloading the item both sides can just leave their computers idle as they send or receive the data. At times like that it’s good when the lazy option is super expensive as it will force you to do it the slower but cheaper way. I guess we just get spoiled a bit that say the disc is only a few cents and so it is no big deal.

It should make you wonder too like with this example where if you spent more money getting a faster connection could you end up saving more over the year where you may not have to use as many discs for example?

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