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Patience In Evaluating Different Types of Revenue Options

Today I was looking at some numbers to see how this project was preforming as I decided to test out some sponsorship options to see if it would work well in the future for when I have something that I would seriously want to generate revenue with. For the most parts the numbers really look promising. Although I must say that just sitting and seeing how it does to really evaluate it sure takes a lot of discipline as you can’t help but to want to prematurely go all out if things look like it is going well initially.

For myself whenever I am exploring different ways to generate an income for example the thing that crosses my mind is how do I not cannibalize what I know already works as if you start taking your time and resources away from that and the new avenue doesn’t work out as well then it can be a double loss. I suppose a good way that works is that when I am exploring different options I am not doing it with a mindset of desperation that would potentially push me to do irrational things.

I guess it is kind of like a restaurant where some people would literally scrap their entire menu which they know is working for them as they are gambling that the new menu would be better. However, like in that case I think it is better if you try to slip in new items to test the waters if you already have something that works.

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