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Participating or Ignoring Your Business Critics

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Recently I was watching two people duke it out where it appeared that one person made a living essentially selling how to advice in creating a home based business where the narrative is if you do it you can make $10,000/month as an example. The other person’s business is to essentially evaluate claims like these. As you may have guessed they both didn’t have nice things to say to each other. That’s why it was a little more fascinating when the two of them agreed to speak at a forum and essentially duke it out.

There were constantly remarks too how it was admirable that the course seller was willing to do this as most people would just ignore critics and keep on selling. When you reach to a certain point I think it is inevitable that you will have a massive amount of critics or even haters if that’s what you want to call it. People advise to that you should just ignore people like that. So in cases like this would you be inclined to give your critics time or would you simply ignore?

I personally think it really depends. If the person criticizing is simply being negative because they hate seeing others do well then that should be an instant ignore. If people are legitimately publishing detailed facts where from their current perspective things don’t seem right then I think it helps everyone to participate in something like an open forum to address it. It should show you have nothing to hide as well. It is a matter of too on whether or not people just want clarity or attention through negativity.

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