Pandemic Time To Support Your Community Or Profit From Them

Pandemic Time To Support Your Community Or Profit From Them

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I was looking at various companies within the entertainment field and how during these times you can imagine that there are a lot of unemployed artists and film crew workers due to every production being shutdown. It seemed like the majority of companies I saw have been taking the time to experiment with new ways to offer people some kind of service and value. Not only that, they offer it for free in recognition that finance is tight. Good gesture to the people they do business with.

Then there are those other companies that surprisingly still use things like fear tactics to sell people its new services. For example, private schools that have transitioned online with things like the Zoom platform and they market it in the same manner as before where if people don’t get trained with them then their chances of getting a job is not very good. In this situation the narrative is about the same except they now say the industry is coming back soon and so you need to train with them to stay fresh and ahead. A lot of these are like $500 a month courses that only consist of four sessions too.

To me it definitely makes me think who is truly just in it for the money as they say. If It wasn’t obvious before I guess it is obvious now. I get that a business has to think about profits, but sometimes it is just the wrong time to try and be a greedy salesman of sort.

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