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Packaging Used Products Like Brand New

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I noticed that in one particular store they have recently begun to sell used entertainment products such as movies and video games. Nothing really new as many have done it before. The interesting thing is that they actually go to the extra mile to repackage the product as if it was brand new from the outside. So on the surface level it actually looks like you are buying a new product.

This made a lot of people more confident to buy the used products from this company as opposed to the others. On the other hand, I was thinking how so many people could accidentally buy a used product thinking that it was brand new because of it as the only label to indicate that it is a secondhand product is on the shelf.

This makes me wonder if you could increase the value of like a garage sale by giving your items some nice packaging and all. For a lot of the more expensive items I often keep the packages encase I intend to sell it as most people seem to feel that the value is greater if you still have it. Doesn’t really make too much sense when you think about it as it should be all about the actual item. But if it increases value then you may as well.

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