Outsourcing Things That You Dislike Thought

Outsourcing Things That You Dislike Thought

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This was kind of fascinating as I was listening to a conference where people were receiving advice on how to run a business in a specific industry and platform. The theme seemed to be that the entrepreneurs need to be very hands on while making all of their customers feel special. This involved things like greeting and responding to everyone that takes the time to visit you or even send in some kind of thank you letter. The funny thing was there was actually a person who extremely disliked the social aspect of it. He hates doing all these interactions and would rather just focus in delivering the actual product. So it was asked if there was a way to avoid all of the personable items or possibly just outsource it.

The advice wise that is an important part of growing for what he was doing and that if he wanted to outsource anything it should be other stuff to give him time to meet and learn about his customers. He wasn’t exactly a huge business and so it was important for him to create that personal connection with everyone as it’s an advantage that many larger businesses can’t fulfill due to the sheer volume that they handle.

It makes you think too where if he dislikes that so much why even try and grow his business utilizing resources such as platforms where the whole point is to be able to connect with people? For myself in these situations I usually see outsourcing as a way to save time or to fill in a skill-set that I don’t have. If I absolutely despise something as my reason for outsourcing I would have to wonder why I am even doing it in the first place when it comes to creating a business of some sort. To me it would be like running a gym and health center where one hates exercising so much that they just want to hire people to do everything. I would think maybe a different business would be a better choice instead.

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