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Out of Spite of Someone Else

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Today I got kind of a surprise as for a particular project it apparently got a lot of attention due to a certain topic becoming more popular all of sudden. This resulted in a massive amount of people researching for different information sources in the category to try and find alternative information. It’s interesting in these situations as there are so any different things you can focus on that will help you in the long run.

For myself I was more interested in the type of engagement people conducted at the page and what that ultimately did in terms of generating a social buzz of sort. It’s actually funny in some ways as in the original source that generated this publicity people were viewing it in a negative way where they believe the author was wrong and as a result people were looking for another source to in a sense try and prove to themselves even more that the person is dead wrong. The amount of energy it appeared that people put into this made it almost as if people started to turn into promoters.

Generally speaking I know that people are generally apprehensive about doing things where they feel that others have something to gain out of it. However, the mentality here sadly enough seemed like people were willing to do what it took to help/promote others in an effort to harm the other person. It makes you wonder in many ways why the majority can’t simply support something because they say respect/appreciate it.

I guess you have to be delicate in how you handle that crowd of people too as you have to find a balance between using it as an opportunity learn about what they felt they weren’t getting to be looking elsewhere and at the same time not simply going on a crusade against the original outlet, so to speak, as you don’t want to prematurely burn bridges.

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