Other Stores Potentially Getting The Same Deals For Less
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Other Stores Potentially Getting The Same Deals For Less

Today while visiting various supermarkets everyone seemed to have these triple packs of peppers that were literally the same brand and packaging. For every store to suddenly have so much in stock would indicate that everyone just got a fresh shipment and so it’s time to have sale. That’s what got interesting as some stores sold the pack for over three dollars as others sold it for the half the price at about one dollar and fifty cents.

So, you would figure that would be the cheapest right? However, another store was apparently selling that package foe one dollar. That’s something to look out for where if the store you usually visit suddenly has stock of a new item that they are prominently showcasing that’s a good opportunity to find better deals as everyone else likely got the same product as well.

Everyone will market it differently such as some may use it as a loss leader to attract more customers. Either way, it’s usually a good way to save money by finding those discounts.

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