Opting For The Supermarkets If Possible Even When Eating Out
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Opting For The Supermarkets If Possible Even When Eating Out

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Today I had a wacky schedule which meant I had to change my meal plans as I was planning originally to finish my first task of the day and then head home to eat. Unfortunately things took longer and going back home wasn’t an option time wise. So, in my mind that meant buying some food from places like the fast food restaurants normally or even food vendors.

Now one thing I wanted to get was something to drink and as expected the prices are pretty outrageous. For example, almost $3 to $5 for simple cups of juice. Because of that I immediately went to a supermarket instead. As expected too the prices were way better. Even stuff as simple as a drink were more reasonable at like one dollar.

I was just thinking how much one can save if this was their natural option to go with first when having to grab a meal on the go of sorts. It’s actually surprising to me still that some supermarkets actually have sections with like a microwave where you can buy something and simply warm it up to eat. If anything it’s not so much the cost but rather the quantity of food you can get where it’s probably too much to consume on the go for most. But especially for something as simple as a drink on the go this is a great way to save money I find.

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