Opting For Dedicated Devices or Multi-function To Save Money
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Opting For Dedicated Devices or Multi-function To Save Money

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With the cold weather here one thing that always gets a little annoying is that my devices outdoors tend to have its batteries drain faster due to the old. For example, you walk out with your fully charged smartphone which would normally last the whole day just suddenly drop to zero. Even with it plugged into a charger it seems to drain pretty quickly. I have been bringing out some hand warmers to keep myself and the electronics heated up. Though that made me want to buy an electric portable hand warmer.

In researching this it seemed like so many of these small devices were also charging packs as well. So realistically you use this as a regular phone charger as an example as well. The price was almost the same in a lot of ways too. Except here it acts as a heater of sort. The capacity of the battery and all is obviously not as good as a dedicated item just for charging. But it makes you think is it better to have multi-functioning devices like this to save money when you can?

I guess a better way to think about it too is would you rather have less of everything if it meant sacrificing power and quality that you would get with devices dedicated for one job in these instances? For a business you probably want the best for each job. But as a consumer in your everyday life I suppose it can be better to just have things that do more overall. Saves space too which can mean saving money.

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