Opportunities Walking Right Pass You

Opportunities Walking Right Pass You

Recently there was this event around here where a company was literally giving away free food as it was supposed to act as a marketing campaign to introduce people to its new restaurant item menus. As it turned out I was in the area and figured why not try it? At the same time I could record some videos of the event and show the rest of the world about it. There was a limit of course as the company would go bankrupt if they gave everyone in town a free full serving of the dish. When I arrived they were handing out tickets to people lined up so that they can keep track of how many samples they had left. Wouldn’t you know it, I missed the ticket by about three people.

So I just left course. But it got me thinking how a person like myself could have gave them some additional media exposure that for sure they were looking for. But because they ran out they missed out on that opportunity where in a regular circumstance I am sure most business would be willing to give out samples to people who were willing to give some widespread public exposure to its business. To be fair they didn’t know nor was this a planned thing. But this kind of thing happens all the time where the opportunities that we are looking for just passes right by you I guess you could say.

I am not really sure what they could have done differently of course as it would be unreasonable to have unlimited giveaways here. But it makes you think how many times the things you are looking for are presented to you every day. Whether or not you were prepared to take advantage of it is another question.

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