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Opportunities In Bigger Places

A little off topic, but recently here there are news all over about the death of a local model named Diana O’Brien who was found dead in China as she went over there to do some modeling work. Apparently, the agency made her do things that are outside the scope of simply modeling as well.
I saw a news report about it and you can see the same one at:

Tragic story indeed. On a side note, what was very strange to me in terms of the reporting that I couldn’t help but react to was that the reporter mentioned she “spent the final two weeks of her life in a very Chinese area”. I just thought that was such a strange way of labeling a community and not to mention she was in China after all.

The story made me think on how many times we get a little too excited about going to bigger places in hopes to achieve more. As a result, we think more about the money and growth potential as oppose to our health and well being. I have often heard the phrase “You can’t be wealthy if you are not healthy” which always makes me think about what I am really doing as oppose to following an opportunity mostly out of fear of losing out.

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