Opening Business During Tragic Events or Not

Opening Business During Tragic Events or Not

The dominant event today was the funeral for Queen Elizabeth as virtually every news station I saw was covering it and many places decided to close as a result as well. But one story that got me thinking was how apparently even hospital appointments were getting cancelled for the day which is generating some heat. If it was a nonessential business usually it would be the other way around where you are likely to hear people scold them for staying open.

It reminds me of when September the 11th happened in the US and a lot of live sports and entertainment productions stuck with their showings while acknowledging the tragic event. This generated criticism of course where people would say that is an example how it is all just about money. But the response I heard from the talent was that is their jobs to make people feel happy during the hard time in life and so they will continue to do so even in dark times.

Overall, they got a positive reaction it seems as many people agreed that they needed some positivity. So maybe the answer isn’t as straight forward as you may think in these circumstances as perhaps there is someone who could truly use what you offer during certain times.

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