Only Helping Customers After A Negative Public Review

Only Helping Customers After A Negative Public Review

I was recently reading all these bad reviews for a company on various public websites such as Yelp and even Google reviews. A lot of people seemed to have similar complaints to the point where the company clearly has issues in specific departments. That’s when I saw the company actually responded to some complaints where ultimately they wanted people to remove their negative ratings. Because those ratings could easily convince hundreds of people to not do business with them.

It got me to think where in some cases people adjusted their ratings based on the company helping after the fact. So while the rating adjustment will look nice I was thinking how as an outsider I would still see it as a negative review overall if the complaints are still rampant as I would be wondering how many others are there who simply did not bother to write a review?

It seemed like too based on the comments a lot of people were expressing that store employees didn’t care much to help as they were more worried about signing up new accounts. So that would make it even worse if the company has a culture of sort to just focus on sales versus customer service. That would be disappointing if customers need to leave negative reviews as a way to get customer support. But sometimes it’s the only fair way to do it I suppose.

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